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Hey I'm Mathis,

When I launched another AI project a few months ago, I wasn’t sure where to promote it, so I ended up only posting it on Product Hunt.

It’s a missed opportunity because there are hundreds of directories out there that can generate millions of impressions!

That’s why I decided to create Quicklisting.

Now, you don’t have to search for directories. Just select them here and the tool will automatically submit your startup.

Hey I'm Mathis,

When I launched another AI project a few months ago, I wasn’t sure where to promote it, so I ended up only posting it on Product Hunt.

It’s a missed opportunity because there are hundreds of directories out there that can generate thousands of impressions (even millions!).

That’s why I decided to create Quicklisting.

Boost your SEO

By listing your startup in various directories, you gain valuable backlinks, a key factor in improving SEO rankings.

These backlinks not only boost your visibility on search engines but also drive increased organic traffic, crucial for your digital growth.

Increase Visibility

Get organic traffic for your SaaS from over 23M monthly visitors!

Broader Audience

Reach more people by being present in numerous directories.


Save 40+ hours with our automated submission process.

Focused Exposure

Be seen by relevant audiences for effective impact.

Newsletters database

Find and connect with over 500 newsletters easily through QuickListing.

It’s a smart way to get your startup in front of the right audience, spread your message, and drive growth for your business.


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Is manual submission for 40+ hours worth it?

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I've set up automations on each website so that your information is properly filled out.

Frequently asked questions

How does QuickListing help my startup get more visibility?

QuickListing connects your startup with over 150 directories and now over 500 newsletters. This not only increases your online presence but also targets specific audiences interested in your niche, enhancing your overall visibility and reach.

How does Quicklisting works for free directories?

Once you’ve entered your startup’s information (name, description, features, images, pricing, etc.), Quicklisting automatically submits your project to free directories. Submissions are spaced out by five minutes each for security reasons, to ensure our automation processes aren’t detected.

What about paid directories?

If you select paid directories, you’ll need to pay their fees plus a 20% commission to Quicklisting. Submissions to these directories are done manually to ensure the best possible quality and to avoid any potential errors that could occur with automated submissions.

Can Quicklisting guarantee acceptance in the directories I select?

No, Quicklisting cannot guarantee acceptance in all selected directories. Each directory has its own set of rules and criteria, and they reserve the right to accept or reject submissions based on their guidelines. We ensure your startup is presented effectively, but acceptance is at the discretion of each directory.

What is the typical acceptance delay for directory submissions?

Acceptance times vary widely among directories. Some may accept your submission in less than 48 hours, while others could take up to a month. We strive to expedite the process where possible, but these timelines are largely dependent on the individual directories.

What is the submission timeframe for free directories?

For free directories, there is a five-minute interval between each automatic submission. This is to prevent detection of our automated processes.

So if you selected 80 free directories, it’ll be completed in about 6 hours.

Can I submit my non-AI startup to AI directories through Quicklisting?

Yes, you can submit your non-AI startup to AI directories; however, it’s important to note that there’s a significant chance of being refused. AI directories typically have specific criteria focused on AI-related projects, so a non-AI startup may not meet their requirements.

What if I want to avoid directories with low authority?

You have full control over the directories you choose to submit your startup to. If you prefer to avoid directories with low authority, you can simply select the ones that meet your standards for authority and relevance during the submission process.

Under whose name will my startup be submitted, and what contact details are used?

Startups are submitted under the name of the founder or the person who submits the startup. In cases where a directory requires a login method for submission, the automation may use my own email for logistical purposes, but the submission is always made in the name of the startup’s founder or representative. This ensures that your startup is accurately represented in each directory.

Is it difficult to connect with newsletters through QuickListing?

I’ve made the process as simple as possible. You can easily find and reach out to relevant newsletters directly through the platform, saving you time and effort in your marketing endeavors.

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